Monday, May 5, 2014

TSA Pinches Pot Purveyor on Plane

Danger! Danger! Pot on a plane! TSA to the rescue!

I'm so glad the brave men and women of the TSA rifle through our luggage, leave cheeky notes, and in general stick their noses in our business. Because otherwise, we would all be in danger of being blown out of the sky due to concealed greenery.  

In what is surely the bust of the century (hey, the age is young), TSA agents were dutifully using their grubby paws to go through a woman's bags when, lo and behold, they found 80 pounds of pot. As in marijuana.

Yes, I know transportation of same is illegal. Yes, I know the woman was foolish for carrying it. Yes, I get it. Though given the ways of the world, it's possible she was forced; I don't know.

Regardless, the TSA is by law allowed to search only for weapons, explosives, and incendiaries -- things that might actually bring down a plane -- as we've written and sourced with evidence countless times. Yet also as we've written countless times, the TSA breaks the law left and right. Routinely.

Pot can't bring down a plane. Marijuana is not going to spontaneously combust and send a plane spiraling into the earth. The TSA has no business going through anybody's luggage, ever, without that person present and more importantly without probable cause.
But since we essentially have no 4th Amendment in this country anymore, and since millions of Americans are pefectly content to have their personal belongings pawed and stolen, I know this is a lost cause. I write these posts simply to document evidence, not because I believe it will ever bring about a change in my lifetime.
(Photo courtesy of the TSA, i.e., your tax dollars)