Friday, November 22, 2013

Psychopath of the Week

I think I'll start a new category: Psychopath of the Week. It's going to be hard to choose, I know, given that there are so many contenders. Particularly among the "leaders" of the political/business world. But soldier on we must in pursuit of a noble cause.

So here's the first one: State Rep. Tom Brower, Democrat, of Hawaii.

Brower's sociopathic credentials are borne out in his zeal to destroy the belongings of homeless people. That's right, this brave crusader goes around smashing -- with a sledgehammer, no less -- shopping carts containing the few lousy possessions of homeless people.

But hey, he's not entirely heartless: Brower sometimes dumps all the stuff out of the cart first before he smashes it! Then he abandons the cart.

So he's guilty of vandalism, destruction of property, theft, and trash dumping in addition to simple coldhearted cruelty.
"I don't wanna be threatening to anybody, but I think it's threatening to steal things and then walk around with them like it's their own."
Yeah, I always feel threatened when I see homeless people pushing shopping carts around. Those rolling wheels make such a racket!

Wonder how long before somebody takes a sledgehammer to Brower's head?