Friday, November 29, 2013

Tweets of Rage: Flying the Friendly Skies with Elan and Diane

OMG, I am laughing my ass off! 

Maybe some of you have seen this story by now, but my friend Marilyn just sent it to me and I couldn't resist passing it on.

A TV producer named Elan Gale has a wonderful, wicked sense of humor, which was called into play on Thanksgiving when he found himself on a plane with one of those obnoxious, entitled, narcissistic people we all know too well. But instead of just muttering under his breath or suffering in silence, he made a production out of it. (Well, that is his profession, after all.)

He started sending out tweets describing what was going on. Then he got in on the action. And what ensued was a brilliant, hilarious takedown of Madame I'm-The-Most-Important-Person-In-The-World. So brilliant and hilarious, in fact, that not only did Gale elicit the support of the flight attendants, but Ms. Miscreant actually slapped him in the face when they landed.

I kid you not.

That's assault. But Gale didn't press charges, though he had every right to. His sweet revenge was in his hilarious tweets and accompanying photos (and the knowledge that "Diane" missed her connecting flight).

Read the full story here, at Huffington Post. Why so many dunderheads in the comments are castigating him is beyond me. No sense of humor.

UPDATE: Okay, apparently this whole thing was a hoax. Or maybe the claim that the whole thing was a hoax is itself a hoax. With all the levels of humor, sarcasm, irony, and god-knows-what-else, it's impossible to tell!