Thursday, October 3, 2013

TSA Gropers Working Without Pay

Ha ha ha ha! Best news I've heard all week:

TSA employees working without pay during shutdown

Then again, this fawning, simpering article (well, it's Fox, so what do you expect?) goes on to laud the brave crusaders in blue who are "the first line of defense on the ground and in the air at our nation's airports."

What a fucking joke.

So the predators and pedophiles have to work without pay. Aw, gee, my heart is bleeding.

One thing's for sure -- their lack of pay is going to make them even more surly, even more abusive. 


Because that's the only way the United Sheeple of America will wake up. Those of us who've been ringing alarm bells about this agency for years have had to put up with the derision, ridicule, and ignorance of the millions of clueless who think it's just fine that their government bullies, harasses, robs, paws, and gropes them and their children. The only way they'll get it through their thick heads what's at stake is by getting abused themselves.

One grope at a time, one grope at a time.