Friday, December 4, 2015

Land of Lunatics

I know I keep saying it, but you can't make this shit up. Once upon a time, this story would've been parody. Fodder for Saturday Night Live, The Onion, The Daily Show, any number of comedians. But you can't do parody anymore. Reality has surpassed it.

To wit: 

Gun TV Aims to Sell Weapons in Your Home

In 2016, a new shopping channel will sell firearms, ammunition, hunting jackets, and concealed-carry holsters in the households of a nation where 30,000 people die in shootings every year. 
Gun TV co-founder Valerie Castle declined to provide reporters with details about investors or business targets. But customers will pick up their orders at the nearest federally licensed gun retailer, where legally required background checks and paperwork will be completed.  
The Guardian reports: 
Like established channels such as QVC and Home Shopping Network, Gun TV will feature personable experts explaining and demonstrating the channel’s wares. If viewers see a weapon at a price they like, they can just click online, or pick up the phone and dial a toll-free number. […] 
“We saw an opportunity in filling a need, not creating one,” Valerie Castle, one of the co-founders of the channel, told the Guardian. “The vast majority of people who own and use guns in this country, whether it’s home protection, recreation or hunting, are responsible. […] 
Gun TV will broadcast from 1am to 7am ET, seven nights a week, with the aim of building to 12 hours a day in the first year and soon after to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Castle said. 
The channel’s logo shows a bullet whizzing through the words Gun TV, which are depicted in shining silver. The tagline: “Live shopping. Fully loaded.” […]

Oh, well, as the Bible says -- you reap what you sow!