Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Donald Trump is a criminal. 

Donald Trump is a thug. 

Donald Trump is a criminal thug. 

Donald Trump is a treasonous criminal thug.

Donald Trump deserves to spend the rest of his pathetic, piece-of-shit life in jail. 

Same goes for all of his co-conspirators and complicit toadies, all of whom are still walking free and some of whom are even sitting in Congress. 

If this mountain of evidence isn't enough to prosecute and convict these traitors, then I never want to hear anyone anywhere ever again mewl about "rule of law." If these people aren't prosecuted, there is no such thing as rule of law.

And all of you assholes out there who not only voted for this odious sociopath but worse, continue to support him today, I hope your lives are filled with misery. Hell, by your behavior, they already are.