Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Judgmental Map" of Baltimore

God knows I loathe the jargon word "judgmental" (and loads of other words, phrases, and locutions -- I'm an insufferable schoolmarm and long overdue for a post or two or three pertaining thereto), but this site, Judgmental Maps, is hilarious. 

Though I'm not a native Baltimorean, I've lived here so long and love the city so much I consider it my hometown. This map is a riot. And very un-pc. So if you're one of those p.c. types, just skip it. This is black humor, folks, "black" in the literary, not racial, sense. It's dark. It's meant to be. My god, how pathetic that I have to explain this. Thanks to Meg of the brilliant blog Pigtown Design for alerting me to this map. As always with images here, click to enlarge (or go to the original site at link):  

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Oh, and a few people in the comments section at the site claim that Judgmental Maps stole the original idea; to wit: