Thursday, April 24, 2014

Police State USA: FBI Uses No-Fly List as Retribution

This country is a fucking police state.
Suit Charges FBI Used No-Fly List as Retribution Against Muslim Men 
Muslim-Americans say FBI used list to coerce them into informing on their communities
“I do not want to become an informant, but the government says I must in order to be taken off the no-fly list,” said Awais Sajjad, a plaintiff in the lawsuit. “How can the government tell me that the only way I can see my family again is if I turn my back on my community?” 
The men say they believe that the FBI used the no-fly list in attempt to coerce and intimidate them into being spies for the bureau. Some were told that infiltration could get their names wiped from the list, while others were threatened with being placed on the list if they resisted recruitment. 
Being placed on the no-fly list had severe repercussions in all of their lives, including loss of jobs, stigma, and being cut off from family members and loved ones.
The manner in which the US government manages the no-fly list remains secret. People who find themselves on this list do not receive explanations or due process. According to CCR, there were over 21,000 people on the list as of 2012. 
We've out-Orwelled Orwell, out-Huxleyed Huxley, and out-Kafkaed Kafka.