Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fuck the Rich

Every time you think the hypocrisy, barbarity, and venality of this country can't be topped, you're proven wrong. It's not enough that states and municipalities have criminalized poverty, all over the country, in all sorts of ways, now they've taken it one step further: they're actually crowing about it, and boo-hoo-ing over their terrible plight in being forced to witness homelessness.

Oh, the horror! 

Oh, these poor little rich people, having to look at those who are the dregs of society, who weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths or who didn't suck up sufficiently in their lives to get one placed there. How dare the poor and downtrodden of this country assault their betters with their dirty presence?!

The 1% wants to ban sleeping in cars – because it hurts their 'quality of life'

As I say so often, you can't make this shit up. The most vile, dystopian thing you could come up with has already been surpassed by reality.

Oh, and lest the Democrats out there get all high and mighty, and smugly proclaim their supposed liberal bona fides, take a look at the facts:
It is easy to be opposed to inequality in the abstract. So why are Los Angeles and Palo Alto spending virtually none of their budgets on efforts to provide housing for the very poor and homeless? When the most obvious evidence of inequality parks on their street, it appears, even liberals would rather just call the police.