Sunday, July 3, 2022

Woke The Fck Up


Both of these people are rational. Both are sensible. And both are, predictably, being pilloried out the wazoo. 
Katz, a tenured professor, lost his job. He lost his job because he dared speak a dissenting opinion. Shrier is persona non grata in publishing. Also for speaking a dissenting (not to mention science-informed) opinion. 
It's gobsmacking that the only audience they can get is via rightwing outlets, because the left has utterly abdicated its commitment to free speech, not to mention common fricking sense. 
The left -- rather, the ostensible left -- now approves of -- in fact, applauds -- censorship. I remember when the left used to oppose censorship. I remember when the left used to welcome dissent. I remember when it used to believe in reason. Ah, the good old days!
The world is on fire, fascism is on the rise, workers can't get decent healthcare or a living wage, GOPers want to take over women's uteruses (oops! I mean people's uteruses!), and what is the left doing? Screaming about pronouns, denying biological reality, policing every word that comes out of anyone's mouth, indulging in white liberal guilt, and pretending it's all activism.
But hey, don't worry. When the woke mob comes for you or yours, you can tell them you capitalized the "b" in "Black"! Whoa, what bravery! What courage! What an advance for society! Really stuck your neck out there, didn't you?! And when the ostensible left keeps losing elections because of its proud, determined jackassery, just remember who asked for it. Who handed the radical right a gift on a silver platter. 

A Declaration of Independence by a Princeton Professor

Gender Activists Are Trying to Cancel My Book. Why is Silicon Valley Helping Them?

Tuesday, June 21, 2022


Donald Trump is a criminal. 

Donald Trump is a thug. 

Donald Trump is a criminal thug. 

Donald Trump is a treasonous criminal thug.

Donald Trump deserves to spend the rest of his pathetic, piece-of-shit life in jail. 

Same goes for all of his co-conspirators and complicit toadies, all of whom are still walking free and some of whom are even sitting in Congress. 

If this mountain of evidence isn't enough to prosecute and convict these traitors, then I never want to hear anyone anywhere ever again mewl about "rule of law." If these people aren't prosecuted, there is no such thing as rule of law.

And all of you assholes out there who not only voted for this odious sociopath but worse, continue to support him today, I hope your lives are filled with misery. Hell, by your behavior, they already are.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Ukraine Russia Putin War


Only three of the many comments I've been making at leftwing sites that are defending Putin and blaming NATO. Not that it matters. They're all nuts. I am so infuriated I could spit:  

To think that I trashed my career to be involved with these people -- former friends and former activists-in-arms with whom I participated in Occupy in 2011 -- and now they're as batshit-insane as any of the MAGA maniacs on the right. 

My god. 

Putin is a thug. Putin is a dictator. Putin is murdering Ukrainians. But that's ok, apparently, for these supposed leftists and supposed peaceniks, because anything and everything that goes against the US is okay. Now they're kissing Putin's ass.

George W. Bush committed war crimes by invading Iraq and bombing Afghanistan; those are facts. Therefore, apparently, it's okay that Putin also commit war crimes. Tit for tat makes everything ok.

Jesusfkngchrist, I am so ashamed I ever got involved with these people. They have lost their ever-loving minds.

Lisa Simeone

MARCH 6, 2022 AT 9:02 AM

Thank you, Ehrlichman. The excuses and apologies being made by the left — ostensible left — for Russia’s criminal invasion are appalling. These people would’ve been cheering Stalin if they’d been around then.

I used to be an activist-in-arms with some of these people, including Chris Hedges, back during Occupy. Since then, I’ve watched as they’ve turned batshit-insane on so many fronts. They are incapable of seeing nuance, complexity, difficulty, contradiction. They are as bad in their binary thinking as any of the MAGAloons on the right.

Their entire philosophy consists of one thing and one thing only: “US wrong. Anyone who opposes the US right. Always.” 

Lisa Simeone

MARCH 6, 2022 AT 9:12 AM

Disgusting, sociopathic, bordering-on-criminal defense of Putin. What is wrong with you people??

Was Putin also “forced” to flatten Grozny?? Was that all NATO’s fault, too??

You people make me want to vomit. I hang my head in shame as a leftist to be associated with such vile apologists.

Friday, February 25, 2022

This Is Why The Dems Will Keep Losing Elections

Pretentious, narcissistic, batshit-insane bio from the program at Everyman Theatre for a play we saw recently. 

There are so many things wrong about this it's hard to know where to begin. But then I guess I don't have to. Anyone with more than two synapses snapping will see it. And this person is getting paid for this shit. 

P. T. Barnum was right: there's a sucker born every minute.