Sunday, June 28, 2020

And Yet More MAGA Morons on Parade

"I don't think anything I've seen so perfectly captures why there's no way the US is going to be getting on top of COVID-19 pandemic anytime soon."
-Cassandra of Troy
8:03 AM · Jun 28, 2020

And for those of you claiming it's not real, that it's been Photoshopped, bullshit. It's real. Click through the link and see for yourself. Furthermore, here's a picture my friend DG took on a flight of his just last week -- same thing -- and no, the airlines don't enforce their own rules. They don't give a shit. I guess they figure if people are foolish enough to fly, then they take their chances. 

This woman was asked multiple times to put a face mask on -- BEFORE the plane took off. She refused. And were there any consequences for her? Was she told she couldn't fly? Was she banned for life? No. You speak to a flight attendant the wrong way and they drag you off the plane. But act like a MAGAss and endanger everyone around you -- no problem: