Thursday, October 16, 2014

Obamabots on Parade: Episode 1,083

Fucking idiots. They will never learn. No wonder this country won't move forward. Copied & pasted from Facebook. Full name of "H" removed to protect his pathetic identity: 

  • Sjc Simmy Sorry, he's a warmonger. And he's destroying civil liberties. He's the Second Coming of George W. Bush.

  • H: A war monger? nothing could be further from the truth. He voted against the Iraq war and has not started a war since being in office. Bush started 2, none of them won, cost us trillions of dollars and killed thousands of our troops. 

    comparing Obama to Bush re war mongering only shows a lack of understanding of human character.

  • Sjc Simmy Has not started a war since being in office?? What do you think drone-bombing Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria is? Going over his "Kill List" every Tuesday and actually boasting that I'm really good at killing people"? Force-feeding -- which is torture -- at Guantanamo? Trying to put James Risen in jail? Prosecuting -- and persecuting -- more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined? Passing the NDAA? Coordinating the violent crackdown of the Occupy movement? Entrapping sad sacks and loners and random Muslims as "Terrorists!"

    Yes, the Second Coming of George W. Bush.

    Unreal the knots people will twist themselves into just to continue the "Red Team! Blue Team!" nonsense.

  • H: how do you propose we deal with a sect of islam that are militant terrorists that behead people? And Bush started Guantanamo, not Obama.

  • Sjc Simmy Nobody said Obama "started Guantanamo." I said Obama is allowing force-feeding, which is torture, to go on there.

    50 bucks says that if Bush or Romney or whichever-idiot-take-your-pick were in the White House today, standard issue Dems would be screaming bloody murder. But because Obama is, suddenly, all these crimes are okay. Hypocrisy much?

  • Sjc Simmy As for beheading, our great ally Saudi Arabia does it all the time.

Oh, wait, it gets better! Look what he just wrote:

H: I think you have some very serious misunderstandings about peoples character and why they do the things they do. If you work on that, maybe someday, you'll understand the motives behind these actions. 
I certainly don't have the time or the inclination to explain them all.

That's right -- he plays the superior male card. "I can't be bothered to explain the workings of my complex mind to the likes of you!" 

Thanks, Hank. I bow down to your greater wisdom.