Tuesday, February 6, 2024

JULY 2014 POST REDUX - Israeli Women on Facebook Promising Sex to IDF

Today, February 6, 2024, I am linking to a post I wrote in July of 2014 about a Facebook page by Israeli women dedicated to members of the IDF. Some of the photos have been scrubbed. But in short, these women posted sexy selfies promising "rewards" to IDF soldiers based on the number of Palestinians killed. 

Again, this was ten years ago. I have no idea if similar pages are being posted today, but I wouldn't be surpised. I'm not on FB, I've never been a member of FB, but some FB pages are public. That one, as of today, is still publicly available, HERE.   

No photo description available.

Link to my original 2014 post here. 

I was reminded of that post by this article in today's NYT:

What Israeli Soldiers’ Videos Reveal: Cheering Destruction and Mocking Gazans