Friday, August 16, 2013

Of Secrecy, Lies, and More Lies

With the (unsurprising) revelations that the NSA is screwing us over even more than we already knew it was, and that the worthless wankers in Congress are clueless, except when they're lying, even to each other, it's worth repeating that we wouldn't have known about any of this if it weren't for Edward Snowden. 

We also wouldn't have known about the war crimes and other nefarious actions of this country without Bradley Manning and a whole host of other whistleblowers -- all persecuted, prosecuted, and hounded by this administration -- Thomas Drake, John Kiriakou, Barrett Brown, Jeffrey Sterling, James Risen (not exactly a whistleblower, but a mainstream journalist), Shamai Leibowitz, and others.

The Transparency Administration of Mr. Hope and Change is throwing a wet blanket on freedom of speech and freedom of the press

But that's okay, Obamabots. After all, if your fearless leader is doing it, it must be okay. Plus he's intelligent! And charming! And black! And he likes gays! And Michelle is so pretty!

Nothing to see here; move along.