Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hashtag: Jews And Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies. 

Despite the warmongering and bloodlust of millions of people, the president of the United States and the entire U.S. Senate included, there are many other people who are not hell-bent on war, who do not think that slaughter is the answer to mankind's problems, who refuse to go along with the pathological actions of their so-called leaders. These people are speaking up. You cannot deny them. You cannot pretend they don't exist. (Correction: yes, you can; denial is one of the most powerful human drives. So deny it all you want. You're still wrong.)
If you're one of those bloodlusting people, suck it up. Your desire for murder won't win out in the end. You've obviously learned nothing from history, neither do you have a moral conscience, so it's pointless to present you with evidence. It's enough, for now, merely to show you that milions of people are on to your game and they won't stand for it. Good luck with your bile. Some day, there will be a reckoning.