Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Covidiots Strike Again

You fucking MAGA morons are out there "protesting." Play-acting your neuroses is more like it. You people are so fucking stupid and ignorant, it's breathtaking -- even though we've already had years to witness your stupidity and ignorance.

You know what? Nobody cares if you get sick and die. Good riddance. What we care about is the fact that you could take innocent people along with you. People who are on the front lines trying to save your sorry asses, people who can't afford to take time off, people who are still serving you food and delivering supplies. You're selfish and moronic and, frankly, murderous. You're helping to kill people.


"DNRs and ventilator denials should be on file for every one of these #COVIDIOTS"

Oh, and before I forget, here are two more Covidiots who yammered about how much of a "hoax" this virus is and who caught it and died:

Once again: oops!