Saturday, April 18, 2020

More Naysaying Nabobs Die of COVID-19

Well, here we have yet another moronic MAGAT who mocked and minimized this pandemic and paid for it with his life. Tsk, tsk.
“He watched Fox, and believed it was under control,’’ Kristen told me.
Early in March Sean Hannity went on air proclaiming that he didn’t like the way that the American people were getting scared “unnecessarily.’’ He saw it all, he said, “as like, let’s bludgeon Trump with this new hoax.’’ 
. . . On April 9, he died of Covid-19. The following day, Artie Nelson, one of his longtime bartenders at JJ Bubbles, and also in his 70s, died of the virus as well. 
Joe Joyce is hardly the only one denying science, ridiculing facts, and parrotting the stupidity and ignorance promulgated by Fox So-Called News. He's in good company. Landon Spradlin also thought COVID-19 was a hoax. So did Gerald Glenn. Both were "men of God." Both thought God actually talked directly to them. Yet both died.


In one of the most provocative analyses in his follow-up article, “Coronavirus: Out of Many, One,” Mr. Pueyo analyzed Medicare and census data on age and obesity in states that recently resisted shutdowns and counties that voted Republican in 2016. 
He calculated that those voters could be 30 percent more likely to die of the virus.

In literature that's called "poetic justice."

And there's lots more of it to come. 

While the Sociopath-in-Chief tweets from the toilet inanities like "LIBERATE!" and his brain-dead followers turn out en masse to demand that they be allowed to infect everyone else, heroic healthcare workers bust their asses trying to save people. 

So before anyone reading this tut-tuts about how "ghoulish" or "distasteful" or "wrong" it is to cheer the death of anyone, keep in mind who is risking their lives on the front lines and who isn't. Who appreciates that risk and who doesn't. 

I'm not the one who's causing these deaths. Trump & Co. are. The behavior of Trump supporters is what's wrong. 

So I'll say it again:


And once again I have to ask: Every time a MAGAT dies of Covid, does an angel get his wings?