Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Goober With a Grudge

Several things to say about yesterday's shooting rampage at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.:

1. Just another day in the USA!

2. Another goober with a grudge gets a gun; refer to No. 1.

3. Though rather than just a goober with a grudge, with which this country is teeming, he was probably mentally ill, and this country isn't teeming with resources for the mentally ill. Yet he could, of course, easily get a gun, including an AR-15, which gun aficionados say is the weapon of choice for a sniper.

4. There are 3,000 people working at the Navy Yard, many of them armed. That's according to the Navy itself. I quote:
"Williams noted that many people are authorized to carry firearms at Navy Yard."
Therefore, according to the constantly touted NRA argument, one or more of those armed people should've shot the gunman before he killed 12 people and injured 14 more. Right? I mean, that's what they're always telling us: if more people are armed, then they can defend themselves.

Clearly "many" people "authorized to carry firearms" wasn't enough. We need more! You can never have too many. Why, we could've had a veritable OK Corral out there, with people shooting each other left and right! That would've saved the day!

5. Don't look for this bit of logic to come from the NRA.

6. Cue wailing, gnashing of teeth, and "oh, why did this happen?" from every news outlet and armchair philosopher in the country.

7. If the NSA is so busy collecting information on every single one of us, To Keep Us Safe™, if they insist that they have to know everything about us, every purchase we make, every meeting we attend, every communication we utter, if they're so goddamn smart, why didn't they pick up on this guy? Why do they know everything about Barrett Brown and dozens of peace activists and people posting on Facebook and all the innocent people they've entrapped since 9/11, but nothing about Aaron Alexis? They're appealing to the public, for God's sake, to get information on him. What the hell are we paying them billions of dollars for (other than to violate our civil liberties, that is)?

8. We have to get our tits and asses scoped and groped at the airport, to make sure we're not hiding contraband -- because, of course, so many of us are -- we're all terrorists -- while this guy was allowed to waltz onto a frigging military installation without so much as going through a metal detector. How's that system workin' out for ya, folks?

9. Land of the Free. Uh-huh.