Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fiddling, Fracking, and In General Fucking Things Up

Fracking is not only causing toxic contamination of aquifers and setting faucets on fire, it's also causing earthquakes. So what is the U.S. doing? Doubling down, of course. When you find a failed policy, when you have incontrovertible evidence that what you're doing is harming people, why of course you do more of it! 

Just as with Prohibition. More people were dying of alcohol poisoning during Prohibition than had been dying of it before, so of course the U.S. government made Prohibition laws even more stringent. Better yet, it made alcohol more poisonous!

And just as with war. When your policy of murder by drone is -- duh -- pissing people off because their families members are being obliterated, thus encouraging them to swear revenge and creating even more "terrorism" that you claim to be fighting, what do you do? Why, increase the drone murder rate, of course!

And just as with civil liberties. When you know that your obscenely expensive strip-search scanners are worthless, with mountains of evidence proving so, you buy more of them!

And just as with the "war on drugs." When you have 30 years of evidence showing what a failure it is, what do you do? You keep plugging along!

That's the logic in the Land of the Free.

Oh, well. Mankind is fucking up the world left and right anyway. What's one more disaster added to the heap? As long as multi-national corporations are getting rich, that's all that matters.