Sunday, June 8, 2014

On the Avenue, Hon!

A beautiful, sleek, avocado-green 1961 Dodge (with a Chrysler front, according to the owner) on The Avenue in Hampden that had us gasping from a block away (click pic to enlarge). 

Hubby took this pic of his mother and me in front of the green glory. I'm not even into cars, but this thing had me practically swooning. The owner of the retro beauty invited me to sit on the hood. "You match!" he said. Indeed, for not only was I wearing compatible colors, I was also clad head to toe in vintage. (Too bad you can't see the amazing shoes with hand-carved wooden tiki heels. But if you want them, they're sold here.)

After a little Googling, I came up with this (sorry, it won't allow me to reproduce the image). I think that's the one. Here's the page with all the car specs and stuff for those of you who're interested. Scroll down for the sketch of the 1961 green Dodge Polara.

That's our friends Mal & Debbie's fab store, Kiss'N'Makeup, in the background. If you come to Charm City, you must go there!