Sunday, March 23, 2014

TSA fraud and waste nothing new

As usual, the mainstream media are a day late and a dollar short.

The Los Angeles Times not only has an article reporting information that's been out there for years, but even the headline to the article is inaccurate and equivocal: "Enhanced airport security may waste money, study says."

No, LATimes, not "may" waste money, does waste money. Because the study in question is by longtime security researchers John Mueller and Mark G. Stewart, whom we've quoted here at TSA News many times.

Mueller and Stewart (and Bruce Schneier) have done some of the best research out there on the fraud and waste of so-called security. But their reports have been out for years and still nothing changes. Their book, "Terror, Security, and Money," was published in 2011.

Most Americans -- and their politicians -- aren't interested in facts. They're interested in feelings. Like children, they only want to "feel" safe. They don't care that all the bells and whistles of the TSA are merely an illusion. They like their illusions.

That's why they're willing -- even eager -- to be abused to get on a plane. Because they think that the more they're bullied, robbed, and assaulted, the safer they are. Frankly, such people deserve what they get.

(Photo courtesy of your tax dollars)

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