Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ted Rall on Hawk Hillary

As always, click to enlarge. The great Ted Rall on Hillary Clinton, whom many people support simply because she's a woman. Let that sink in. The logic is: "She has breasts and a vagina; therefore, I'll vote for her." That's what millions of Democrats are thinking. 

To say that sentiment is pathetic is an understatement. More to the point, given that she's just as much of a hawk as any war-mongering psychopath (e.g., Dick Cheney), it's profoundly hypocritical. "Sure, she may -- like Obama -- bomb innocent people and blow them to smithereens, but she's 'our' bomber. When the Republicans do it, it's wrong; but when one of 'ours' does it, it's right." (Of course, the reverse is also true, which shouldn't need to be said, but considering all the irrational foaming out there, does.)

But that's how things roll in the USA: Pretend you stand for one thing, then do another. And if people get crushed along the way, so be it. After all, it's politics!