Thursday, February 6, 2014

No criminal charges pursued in Denver TSA assault

Predictably, the Denver District Attorney has decided not to press charges against the TSA agent who assaulted Jamelynn Steenhoek.
We first reported on Steenhoek’s case here. We lauded the fact that the local police seemed to be taking her seriously, though without hope that anything would come of it.

“Those TSA agents were purposely abusive to me,” said the Highlands Ranch mother. “And there isn’t any recourse. I still feel as if a crime was committed, and as an individual American I am powerless to do anything about it.”
That’s right, Ms. Steenhoek. As we’ve been writing for years, the TSA is a criminal, out-of-control agency that abuses people with impunity.
There is, however, one thing you can do: stop flying. Stop cooperating with this abusive system. If you’re waiting for the worthless wankers in Congress to do something about it, better pull up a chair: you’ll have a long wait. 
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