Monday, December 30, 2013

Drone On

"Oh, why do they hate us?!" wail the idiot sheeple and American Exceptionalists every time you turn around.

Gee, ya think maybe because the U.S. murders people at the drop of a hat, with its indiscriminate drone bombing, which kills civilians left and right? Civilians such as people who attend weddings? Or people who attend funerals? Maybe because Barack Obama has arrogated to himself the authority of a monarch rather than a president and maintains a "kill list," which he checks every Tuesday, deciding which hapless person will die next

Nah, people love seeing their friends and family members blown to bits!

Maybe because Obama has declared that ALL military-age males are to be considered "enemy combatants" or "militants" and therefore liable to be killed? Are you 19 and a shepherd in Yemen, or Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or Somalia? Tough shit, you're dead. It's your own damn fault. How dare you walk around in your own country? You should stay home cowering under the bed (the way so many Americans metaphorically do, as they exhibit every day by the rights they gleefully give up).

Maybe because the U.S. murders people in what are called "double tap" strikes, meaning bombing the same place twice, so that you're killing the rescuers who have come to aid the wounded of the first bombing? This is a war crime, in case anybody out there is too stupid to apprehend it, and your beloved leader, Mr. Hope and Change, has approved it. 

Maybe because we can't hide anymore what we're doing, as even the people doing it admit that it's criminal?

But that's okay, keep shuffling along with your snout stuffed into the grass. It's all okay as long as you pretend it is. If George Bush were doing this, you'd be screaming bloody murder. After all, you marched in the demonstration in 2003 against the Iraq War. But now that Obama is doing it, it's all okay. Stick to your principles. They're so impressive.

Someday, there will be a reckoning. 

Perhaps you should remember that the next time a bomb goes off somewhere in the world, including in the U.S., and those responsible claim a grievance. Perhaps you should think about why, maybe, they might be angry.

"Oh, why do they hate us?!"

(Political cartoon by Adam Zyglis, Buffalo News)