Saturday, December 28, 2013

Predictable: Pauley kills what Leon resurrected

Well, I was my usual fly-in-the-ointment self last week. While people were crowing over Judge Richard Leon's ruling in favor of We The People and against the NSA, I kept saying, "Don't get your hopes up. It's not going to last. It'll be appealed, and the next judge who comes down the pike will strike it down."

Judge William Pauley blew our rights out of the water. In essence, Pauley is just another authoritarian bootlicker.

The discussion at Reason is, as usual, pretty interesting. Favorite comment so far:

Jordan|12.27.13 @ 2:08PM|
the government uses the phone call records sparingly
uses them only to investigate terrorism
needs a comprehensive database for that purpose
follows "rigorous minimization procedures,"
Laughably, unbelievably, retardedly false.
and unnecessarily compromises innocent people's privacy only by accident

Constitution? We don't need no stinking Constitution!

Face it, peons. The government thinks we're all terrorists-in-waiting and can't be trusted with anything as comprehensive (and old-fashioned) as rights. "The world has changed!" 

Oh, the Supreme Court, you say? Ha! That's a laugh.

Suck it up. The worst is yet to come.