Sunday, December 1, 2013

Glamour Girl: Motilo




Glamour Girl has just stumbled upon these amazing shoes—actually, “shoes” doesn’t do them justice—and she is about to lose her mind. Of course she can’t afford them, but she is dreaming and swooning and calculating numbers in her busy brain nonetheless. They are: 

Though Glamour Girl prides herself on being in the know (kinda sorta), she was dismayed to realize she’s been missing out for over a year on a beauty/fashion website that’s apparently all the rage. Internationally all the rage. 

Sigh. So much glamour, so little time. 

It’s called Motilo, and that’s where she found these gasp-inducing little beauties. Do you think if she asks nicely Mr. Glamour Girl might consider buying them for her for Christmas? 

Nah. More than likely, he’ll gently lecture her on her history of foot problems and suggest that romping around in these vertiginous vessels of certain pain isn’t a good idea. 

“But, but, but,” she will protest, “they wouldn’t be walking shoes, just sitting-around-looking-beautiful shoes! I’d only have to wear them to the car, then to the restaurant or house, whereupon I will sit down all night and look fabulous.” 

Ya think he’ll buy it? 

Time will tell. Then again, he’ll also probably recall that he already bought her a très cher gift in the form of boots in la belle France in May. 

Anyway, here’s how Motilo works. It’s kind of a more interactive Pinterest. GG is going to try to stay away, as the “vortex” the site keeps talking about threatens to suck her in.