Monday, July 15, 2013

Australians Just As Stupid and Paranoid As Americans

And here I thought people in other countries were more sensible.

Oh, well, given that Australia is in the "Five Eyes" snooping group, obviously I was wrong.

It's not just the U.S. that is arresting and jailing people for speech. It's also Oz.

This time, it wasn't an offending Facebook posting, it was an offending tweet.

Hey, young bucks, don't talk trash anymore. Don't joke, don't engage in hyperbole, don't be farcical, don't be sarcastic -- in other words, don't use language the way it's been used for thousands of years. Because now it's criminal. You could get handcuffed and hauled away.

Oh, and whatever you do, don't quote lyrics by a pop singer, lyrics that are publicly printed, publicly sung, publicly available, and which don't get the pop singer arrested, just you.

As I keep saying, you, too, could be a terrorist.