Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome to Amerika, Where Even Bob Dylan Isn't Safe

Papieren, bitte!

Papers, please.

Why shouldn't music legend Bob Dylan have to show his papers just to walk down the street in the USA? I mean, who does he think he is??

We're at war, dammit. We have a permanent War on Terror, don'tchya know? Everyone is a potential terrorist. Everyone is suspect. Who do you think you are anyway? A citizen? With rights??

Ha ha! Fool!

Welcome to the United Stasi of Amerika. Where even Our Fearless Leader encourages people to spy on and report each other for "suspicious behavior."

Oh, and for the clueless: the point isn't that Bob Dylan is famous. The point is that no one -- no one -- should be accosted by police and forced to show ID just to walk down the street.

I go out without ID all the time. I shouldn't have to show ID to anybody just to exist. Unless you have probable cause to detain me -- or anyone else -- then fuck off.