Friday, July 19, 2013

TSA, Outdoing Its Own Stupidity At Every Turn

Hate to break it to ya, blue-shirted wonders, but these aren't real guns. They're Chanel -- or Chanel knock-off -- shoes.

Get it? Shoes.

But of course the dim bulbs at the checkpoint can't tell the difference between guns and shoes, just as they can't tell the difference between brass knuckles and purses, as they've shown time and time again.

Then again, the more likely reason is that one of the play actors wanted to steal them for herself.

Nevertheless, the TSA trumpets this "find" in its weekly propaganda round-up, which, predictably, impresses the masses and makes them ooh and aah over all the Big Scary Terroristy Stuff their overlords confiscate steal from passengers every day.

And the credulous media, as usual, play along.

(Cross-posted at TSA News.)