Friday, July 5, 2013

NSA is Coming to Your Campus -- Whoopee!

This audio is from an NSA recruiting session at the University of Wisconsin. Listen to these students grill the security goons. One girl in particular holds their feet to the fire as they continually try to squirm away. She challenges them left and right and basically calls them liars. Which they are.

"The globe is our playground." These are the actual words of one of the NSA recruiters. You'd think they'd at least try to veil their contemptuous and contemptible sentiments behind some noble-sounding bullshit.

Thanks to Kevin Zeese for alerting me to this link.

July 6th UPDATE: By the way, because that link keeps breaking -- I've embedded it three times now -- here's the URL in full:

UPDATE #2: Well, the link is broken again. I've just embedded it a 4th time and for the 4th time it doesn't lead anywhere. I'm not making any claims. Just reporting facts.

You'll have to copy & paste the URL into your browser. Or try the link at Popular Resistance.