Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bo Brownstein and Junior Allen

Via Cafe Mom, a story from 2005:

A man sentenced for stealing a TV nearly three decades ago walked out of prison Friday as a free man.
In 1970, Junior Allen went to prison for stealing a $140 TV set from 87-year-old Lessie Johnson in Johnston County.
Johnson's family said he roughed her up on his way out. However, nothing about an assault came up at trial nor was Allen ever charged with one.
Allen is on his way to his home state of Georgia, where he plans to work for his sister. Authorities in that state will monitor his parole.
If he does not break the law and follows the terms of his release, he is free and clear in five years at the age of 70.
Bo Brownstein, on the other hand, ended up doing 1 year and 1 day. 

Hey, baby, American justice.